Sharing events between two views (Layouts)


I hired the calendar pro but I need to show the same calendar events in 2 views one as a calendar and the other as a list, I need them to be the same events not independent.


Hello @user580 and we are happy to see you at the best place in the world :earth_asia:! Welcome to Elfsight Community :handshake:!

I need to inform you that, unfortunately, it’s impossible to use 2 layouts within one widget. I am so sorry :pensive:.

However, you can create a widget, duplicate it and change layout in the duplicated version. Then you just need to install these widgets to your website.

I hope this explains things.

If any other questions or ideas come up, please do not hesitate to share them in this thread :wink:.

Are you planning to implement it in the future? I think it’s an essential function.

@user580 we do have such a request in our wishlist, and you’re very welcome to vote for it here: One calendar, multiple layouts!

I agree that it would be awesome to display the same widget in different layouts, and I really hope our dev team will be able to consider this idea for one of the nearest updates :slight_smile: