How to add a Carousel in Squarespace

Squarespace has the following Carousel types.

  • List Section Carousel (People Section)
  • Gallery Block - Carousel
  • Summary Block - Carousel
  • Gallery Block - Carousel

Additionally, you can use these plugins to create a carousel, it has more advanced features, and you can customize the slider more.

You can follow these steps to add a Carousel.
A. List Section Carousel (People Section)
You need to add a List Section to change it into a List Carousel

#1. First, choose the page that you want to add a List Section and click Edit

#2. Next, you click ADD SECTION

#3. Choose the People and add the List Section (section with (i) icon )

#4. Next, hover on the List Section and choose EDIT CONTENT

#5. At Design , click on Simple List and change it to Carousel

you will have

B. Summary Block Carousel
#1. You need to add a block first, then choose Summary Block from the list.

#2. Next, choose Edit the Summary Block

and change it to Carousel.

and result.

C. Gallery Block Carousel
#1. First, you need to add a Gallery Block.

#2. Choose Edit the Gallery Block

#3. At Design, you choose Carousel

D. Gallery Section - Reel
#1. First, you need to add a Gallery Section.

#2. Next, you hover on the Gallery Section and choose EDIT SECTION

#3. Next, you click on Grid: Simple and change it to Slideshow: Reel