How to add a Gallery in Squarespace

I will guide you how to add a Gallery (Gallery Section, Gallery Block) in Squarespace.

A. Gallery Section
#1. First, choose the page that you want to add a Gallery and click Edit

#2. Next, you click ADD SECTION


#3. Scroll down a bit to the Images and choose the Gallery Section (section with (i) icon ) you want on the right

#4. Then, click SAVE on the left of the screen


B. Gallery Block
#1. Use this code to Code Injection – Footer

<!-- sqs:beyondspace--classic-gallery -->
(()=>{if(window.self!{var e="beyondspace--classic-gallery";if(!{var"script");,t.src="",}}})();
<!-- /sqs:beyondspace--classic-gallery -->

#2. When you add a block, Gallery will appear

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