How to add a Slideshow in Squarespace

To add a Slideshow in Squarespace, you can follow these quick steps.
Additionally you can also use Image Slider widget or Sliding Banner Plugin it will give you more customizations.

In Squarespace, you can add: Gallery Block Slideshow, Gallery Section Slideshow (Simple/Full), List Section Banner Slideshow.

A. Gallery Block Slideshow
#1. First, you need to add a Gallery Block

#2. Choose Edit the Gallery Block

#3. At Design , choose Slideshow

#4. Result

B. Gallery Section Slideshow
#1. First, you need to add a Gallery Section

#2. Next, you hover on the Gallery Section and choose EDIT SECTION

#3. Next, you click on Grid: Simple and change it to Slideshow: Simple or Slideshow: Full

#4. Result

C. List Section Banner Slideshow
#1. First, you ADD SECTION

#2. Choose the People and add the List Section (section with (i) icon )

#3. Next, hover on the List Section and choose EDIT CONTENT

#4. At Design , click on Simple List and change it to Banner Slideshow

#5. Result

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