Form Builder - Can't receive mails anymore

Hi there

I have a specific problem with the Form Builder. The domain is Mails should be sent to I have everything set up as usual, have already created several forms. Unfortunately these mails do not arrive anymore. We have received form requests before. However, if I set another mail as recipient (for example my main mail, then it works. I have already contacted my provider, but he says that it must be a problem with Elfsight.
If you want to check my account (customer:, the form is called “Buchungsformular Miller” (also affected are “Buchungsformular Sunlight” and “Buchungsformular Knaus”). What do I have to do to get the mails back?

Thanks a lot

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Hello @Dominik1 :wave:

Thank you for contacting us!

I am deeply sorry that you’ve experienced such an issue!

I see that my colleague Daria has already contacted you in a support ticket 344068.

As Daria said, the forms on BUCHEN and the notification feature worked correctly. You need to check the Spam folder and make sure the emails aren’t there?

As for requests you have received, you can download them in your dashboard here:


If any other questions come up, please feel free to contact Daria.

Have a nice day :wink: