Clients can leave their reviews by click on the Write a review button, no redirect to Google

Please make our clients leave their reviews without being redirected to Google.

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Hello friends!

We see that this request appeared to be interesting for quite a lot of users, and we’d really love to know what exactly you’d love us to do with the ‘Write a review’ button :slight_smile:

Could you please describe your ideas so that we understand it better? If you really want to move this button to the bottom, could you please tell us why you’d need this very change?

Thank you! :raised_hands:t2:

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Hello Helga and thanks for asking! Yes … I have seen an app that not only is a ‘click’ to write a Google review but when clicked, guides the reviewer through a series of questions that, when completed, pretty much writes the review for them and posts it. Here is a link to that company’s product: birdeye. com

That would be a great app to add to many of my client sites…

Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for your comment, @T_Gath! :+1:t2:

I see! So you need an integration proposing ready-made questions and publishing a review automatically. I guess, there should be a pre-moderation option, right?

@T111 @user3231 @Kristina_Karlova @Lanetta_Brookins @D_Solo @user4835 @Gary_S @steven_auld @Frank_Brinks @Anurodh_Keshari @user6055 @Trevor_Schmidt @Chris_Thais @J_W @Jitan_Sahni @Schmidt_Reality @Luke_Sturgill @Epic_Games @scott_Henry - guys, you’ve also voted for this feature request, so could you please confirm that you also meant an option described above?

If you had other ideas, please describe them here so that we understand your needs better. Thank you so much for helping us! :blush:

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Thank you for your reply Helga :slight_smile: If a pre posting-moderation option that would certainly be a plus. Something like this workflow: Solicit a review (button) => Customer is presented with a list of checkboxes and text fields => Customer clicks ‘submit’ => AI generates a review => (potential) moderation => click to post to Google


Awesome, got it! We’ll try to think about this possibility. I’ll be happy to post updates if I have anything to share :slight_smile:


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Hi friends, thank you for showing your interest in this request for the Google Reviews! @user11303 @Laura_Walling @user11243 @Kalieb @Rehe_ma @user10913 @Osama_Zia @user10593 @Miroslav_Novak @Ann3 @VINOBLE_Marketing @Benji_Gecy @Soroush_Yousefisahi

I see that you’ve recently voted for this feature idea, and since it already has quite a lot of votes, we’d really love to understand what you expect this feature to be and do :slight_smile:

Could you please describe how you see this feature, and how it should work for you? Understanding your needs will definitely speed up the development process. Thank you very much!

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Thank you for asking Helga! So, a customer clicks ‘Review Us on Google’ and instead of taking the customer directly to Google to write a ‘free form review’ the app will guide the customer through a series of questions. After the few questions are answered by the customer, the app will compose a review based on the answered questions. Then the customer can click ‘Post review’. The service birdeye .com offers a similar product as described but it is prohibitively expensive for my clients :slight_smile: Thanks again for reaching out…


Thanks a lot for the reply, @T111!

I really love this use case, and I wonder if other users have the same idea in mind, or they envisage something else. I hope they’ll share their opinions here as well, so that we can understand what exactly we need to develop :blush:


I personally LOVE this idea. I would love for my clients to be able to go to a page on my website and leave a review, verses having to direct them to google. The process seems to confuse my clients and myself at times.

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Thanks a lot for sharing, @Corinne_Ladymusicc, and welcome to the forum :blush:

It seems you need to skip the step with the redirect to Google, got it! I’m not sure that this is something we can implement for sure, but we’ll see what we can do in our future releases. I’ll post here in case of any updates :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

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Dear friends, after thorough research, we have to say that currently, there is no option to let your customers leave their reviews directly with a click on the button :disappointed_relieved:

This restriction comes directly from Google, and for the moment there is nothing we can do about it. We, however, are going to keep tabs on the situation, and we’ll be happy to implement this feature as soon as any workaround becomes available.

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and thoughts here! :pray:t2:

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