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I think there should be a widget that we can put on our website where customers can live a review on our website directly as Testimonials means we have to physically add what a customer says instead of the customer being able to go on the site after a purchase and leave a review


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Hi Brittany,

Thanks a lot for sharing your idea!

I do see your point and I agree that it would be a very nice feature to let visitors leave their reviews there and then. We’ll try to think over this opportunity in our future updates.

And if you come up with any other ideas or thoughts regarding the functionality, please do share them in the comments here. It will be a huge help for our dev team :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping us!

Helga, Community Manager

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No point in having a slider if you can’t have the reviews added my customers, it’s not generally a thing that customers phone you or text the review so you can add it yourself. Definitely a need. Same requirements but to grab the info rather than display them. Ie being able to choose what infos are asked for.

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Hi @user4188 :wave:

Your words sound reasonable and I cannot but agree with you. This functionality would be a game-changer!

We do have it mind and I really hope our devs will find a way to add it to the widget. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Your input is highly appreciated, thank you so much!

An app that allows people to leave reviews for the products you offer on your website

Hi there @Gabe_Villadiego :wave:

Thanks for adding your idea to the Wishlist!

Do I understand correctly that you want to have an option for your customers to leave the reviews right on your website? If I misunderstood you, please elaborate on your use case :slightly_smiling_face:

  • As a trade professional. It would nice if customers could place reviews directly on a page on your website vs. being directed to your business profile on Google Reviews.
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Happy to see you on our forum @Anthony_Vinson! Welcome :wave:

Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts with us!

We already have a similar idea in the Wishlist and I’ve merged your comment with the related topic. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

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Add the option of customers add their own reviews through our wordpress website

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Hey there @Zouk_In_Rio :wave:

Glad to tell you that we already have a request for the live testimonials. I’ve moved your comment to the related topic where we’ll post all the updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a ton for sharing your feedback and welcome aboard!