Be able to manually add reviews to the All-In-One-Reviews + premoderation

I love the All-In-One-Reviews but I think it would be even better if the functionality of the testimonials slider (where you add your own “manual” reviews) could be integrated in to the All-In-One-Reviews as well. Please vote if you agree :slight_smile:

By allowing the buyer to post a review directly through this app but also giving the app owner the option to Approve or reject before going live, my customers can feel confident that their review is in their own words (typos and all) and will be posted upon approval of said review.


Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Dear folks,

Thanks a lot for your comments!

James, I do understand your point and I’m truly sorry that we don’t support such a needed feature yet.

However, maybe our Testimonials Slider widget could work for you? This widget lets you add any reviews you need along with other information you’d love to display.

You’re welcome to check the widget out here - Customer Testimonials Slider — widget for any website (Easy and free).

And if any assistance needed, feel free to contact us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Vincent and James,

Thanks a lot for your comments!

I totally understand your point and agree that adding reviews manually would be a very handy option. Our dev team will do their best to think over the possibilities, and I do believe they will manage to release this feature in one of the future updates.

Thank you very much for helping us :slight_smile:

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Hi Phil,

Thanks a lot for your comment and for describing your use case!

I’m truly sorry that we haven’t released this option yet, although it’s a really popular one.

The good news is that this feature is included in the pipeline and we expect it to be released within this year. Hopefully, our dev team will be able to release it much sooner, but everything depends on their overall load.

We’re really sorry for all the inconvenience and we do thank you for your understanding :pray:t2:

Helga, Community Manager

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I have a need to add other channels like Expedia, Hostel Work and maybe others as our business is driven by these 3rd booking parties. It would be great if one could add their own channel(s). And perhaps submit them to you for all to take advantage of.

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This feature has been asked and voted by dozens of clients, and it disappeared?!
What everyone is awaiting for is 1 simple thing: to manually add any review from any source. Just let us add the link of any website, and copy/paste a caption from the source, and fill in the stars/points, and and we’re done. No need to ask for this or that website to be added, this way, ANY website can become a trusted source.

It’s been asked dozens of times, and voted for years now as the most requested feature, and you made it disappear from the whishlist, why?!

Best regards,


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Hi Vincent, thanks a lot for your comment!

I’m really sorry for the confusion with this feature request! We did not hide it, the thing is that while moving our previous wishlist portal to this forum, all the votes got reset and, unfortunately, there was no way to restore them :frowning:

I’ve merged your request with this thread, and I’ll keep you updated on how things are going here as well.

Thanks a lot for helping us!

If I could add 100 votes to this request, I would. This feature requested by Info8 would solve all our review requirements. Please, please put it at the top of your priorities!!


@David41 thank you very much for your comment! Yes, I can imagine how useful these options would be, and I’m really sorry we don’t have it available yet.

I know that our dev team do have these requests in mind, but unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA as of yet. But I’ll make sure to keep you updated here!

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and welcome to the Elfsight community! :tada:

Hello Elfsight! Please add the ability for clients to be able to also manually add reviews that get sent to their companies via email. We have a lot of clients that we would like to recommend this widget to but this one item is missing!

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