Let customers leave their reviews through the app + premoderation

Create a button for customers to add reviews directly on the store website widget and not only through Facebook reviews.

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By allowing the buyer to post a review directly through this app but also giving the app owner the option to Approve or reject before going live, my customers can feel confident that their review is in their own words (typos and all) and will be posted upon approval of said review.

This not only gives some of the control of leaving reviews up to the customer (this option allows for customer engagement) but also keeps overall control with the app owner to approve or reject reviews where possible before the reviews go live

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I guess this can be very usefull way how to get reviews from customers which have no social account or google accunt.

It should work they way when customer fill the form as review, all in one review widget can show this kind of the review.

No need to log in or sing in, just write it down and send it :slight_smile:

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