Text testimonials app

I’m looking for a text-testimonial app. The “all-in-one” app doesn’t seem to have a way for customers to add a new testimonial on the website. Please Advise? Thank You!

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Great question, William!

I’m afraid we don’t have an app to let your website visitors add reviews in the widget itself, but right now we’re working on, so to speak, combining our All-in-one-reviews and Testimonials Slider widgets in terms of functionality.

This way, you’ll be able to display reviews your customers already left, and add extra reviews manually. Here’s the feature request in case you got interested: Be able to manually add reviews to the All-In-One-Reviews + premoderation.

We have requests for adding a form so that your website visitors can leave their reviews right away, and highly likely it will be one of our future steps in this direction :slight_smile: