Allow users to add events to the calendar

For a community based site, it would be extremely useful and create more engagement to allow users to add their own events to the calendar.


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Is there a forum post that discusses this topic further? I love the event calendar widget but need the ability for a client/community member to add dates to the calendar (so I don’t have to LOL)…


@T111 I guess you’ve found the right topic! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid we really don’t have an option for website visitor to add their own events to the Event Calendar widget, and we’re collecting all the ideas and thoughts regarding this request :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing, we’ll try to consider this option in the future updates!

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It would help if the workflow includes a review by the site admin before getting published to the calendar. I would hate for a guest to submit an event that is not relevant to the website.


Great suggestion @Shany_Porras :+1:

We’ll have it in mind when considering this feature. Thank you so much for your input, this is huge!

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Yes I agree. As page owner I want to be able to see what has been submitted before it goes live. Thanks!


Hi @Maureen :wave:

I absolutely agree that this option would make the process of adding new events more reliable. We’ll try to consider this feature as well. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your interest and help!

This would really help several organizations for which I manage sites. Especially the ones with lower budgets; they’re desperate for workflow help. They’d love a form with their required fields for the event, the ability to upload an image, and a preapproval process needed to publish.

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Greetings @user9090 and welcome aboard :wave:

A huge thank you for sharing the details of your use case with us!

We do have it mind and I really hope our devs will find a way to add it to the widget. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is an example of this functionality. User can submit event fields by filling out a form. those fields are held in draft until approved by admin and then admin can add simply by approving.


Hey @Gabriel_Veasley and welcome to the Community :wave:

Thanks a million for sharing an example of this functionality, it’s much appreciated!

We’ll try to think in this direction in our future updates. We’ll keep you informed about any news :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be cool if i could add User, that can add there own events to the calendar.
Something like: I connect the User to a special host, so he can post events as this host.
Sorry, my english is kind of bad :slight_smile: hope you got what I meant.

It would be although nice if you could get a link/way to include a link, that is maybe set to this host or special location (always possible to change afterwards)
But than this person could include his events on his site.

One additional filter could be (close to location) but only a city.

Sorry a lot of ideas :slight_smile:

Share your use case and provide as many details to support your idea as possible:

  1. Do I understand correctly that you’d like to share the access to the widget with the event host?

  2. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand this idea “It would be although nice if you could get a link/way to include a link, that is maybe set to this host or special location (always possible to change afterwards)”. Could you please elaborate on it?

  3. As for the additional filters, we already have such a request. You can vote for this feature to keep up with the latest updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Its not really the access to the admin penal. Its more like adding user to the eventcalender. So they could send in their own Events. I get the info, can check it and activate the event.
But no access to all other things like the layout, etc.

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To number 2:
If i create the user i link it to a host. So he can only sent in events for this host .
So he can create events only in his name (host)
I hope its understanable now :grimacing::grimacing:

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I got your point, thanks!

We already have a similar idea in the Wishlist. I’ve added your comments there too, so that you could keep up with the latest updates here.

As for the adding events only for the specific host, I agree that it would be a great option. We’ll try to consider it in our future updates as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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I totally agree with this. I ended up buying the Elfsight form builder app to help, but still, it doesn’t integrate with Calendar app, so there is the manual step of entering the form’s data into calendar.

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