Custom button for Event Calendar

Hi Helga, All,

A handy, perhaps alternative option (if this is too challenging to intergrate fully) would be simply for the widget to include a button (or option for a button) that could be configured to hyperlink to our own native “add your own event” link.

For example, I have my own events form submission link on my website, that simply emails the details as entered by users to myself (still frustrating as I have to re-enter, but still easier than having to search and find myself). This gives me the added benefit, as suggested, of being able to review as appropriate.

. . . Would simply love if this button could be included within the widget header rather than me having it separately on the page.

(Just a thought :))

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Hi @Sam_Kirby :wave:

Our devs will be happy to customize the widget for you! Could you please send a direct link to the page to the “add your own event” form?