New Widget Request: Add to Calendar

I love your widgets. I have yet to find a “nice” user friendly solution to add a “Add to Calendar” button to my website. I feel like Elfsight could master this!


@Jason14 thank you so much for all your kind words, welcome to the community! :hugs:

I think Add to Calendar button sounds like a great idea, thanks a lot for sharing! I hope our devs will be able to consider it in the future :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help, feel free to vote for other ideas or leave yours!

This 1000%!

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This would be a game changer for your company

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@Rachel3 @user2999 guys many thanks for your comments and support! We’ll try to think in this direction, especially if this request gets even more votes :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, we’re always happy to hear from you!

+1 on an add to Calendar widget.

I run a lot of free marketing events to add prospects to my sales funnel. When someone successfully registers for my event, I’d like the confirmation page to have a button where they can add the event (with details on how to join a Zoom meeting) to their Google, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, etc. calendar.

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Many thanks for sharing your use case, @Sam8, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I love this idea too, and I’ll be happy to let you know if I’ve got any news regarding this request :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Here’s a sample mockup of what this widget might look like.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 5.06.59 PM

Great, thanks a lot for sharing, Sam! :raised_hands:t2:

I imagined something along the lines of your picture, too :slight_smile:

I want people to be able to add an event they registered for such as a FREE masterclass or challenge to their calendar. ADDEVENT allows you to do this but it’s super expensive at $39/ month when I only run this once or twice a year.

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Hello and welcome to Community @Toni_McMurray :wave:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

A similar idea is already added to our Wishlist and I’ve moved your request there. We promise to keep you in the loop regarding any changes :slightly_smiling_face: