Youtube Playlists Gallery/Shelf

Hello! Is there a way to create a widget of multiple playlists without displaying the videos on the widget itself? Similar to the “Playlists” widget for the Youtube Gallery, but instead of showing all the videos, it’s a single thumbnail that takes you to pop-up of a list of videos in the playlist… Like a playlist of playlists, similar to what we see on Youtube (see image below).

On Youtube, it’s called “Playlist Shelf”, where multiple playlists are listed, and when you click into the playlist, then you see the list of videos as well. We would like to embed a “Playlist Shelf” on our website using Elfsight if that’s possible.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello @Faith_Driven! We are extremely happy to see you with us! Welcome to Elfsight Community :heart: :tada:

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no option to display YouTube playlists this way. I am sorry :pensive:

I think your idea is really awesome. Could you please share it in our Wishlist?

Please leave your request in YouTube Gallery - Elfsight Community to get a notification upon its release.

If anything comes up, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

Have a nice day :wink:

Thanks Max. I’ve added it to the Wishlist. Our team really needs it sooner rather than later for our website, and were hoping Elfsight would be able to meet that need! :pray: