Yikes, both forms not sending!

I launched a site with two unique contact forms going to different people and they are are not sending. I even added myself as second recipient but I’m not getting my own test emails. Help!

* Link to the page with the widget in question:


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Hello @Tim2! Thank you for contacting us!

I am terribly sorry that you’ve experienced issues using our apps.

I’ve checked your widget and the issue seems to be in empty Reply to field.

Here are the steps that describe how you can fix that:

  1. Go to the Build Form tab → necessary Email Element:

2. Copy the Field ID:

3. Go to the Email tab → scroll down to Additional Mail Settings:

4. Add Field ID to the Reply to section:

5. Save the changes.

Could you please check it and let me know if it helped?

Hey @Tim2,

I am sorry for the inconvenience!

I have forwarded your request to our developers, and hopefully, they will come up with a solution very soon :rocket:

Please do not worry, I’ll keep you updated.

Hello @Tim2,

I am terribly sorry for the delayed reply! We’ve checked everything and the widget seems to be working fine:

Could you please check it and let me know if everything is fine on your side?

Thanks! It works !