Form builder sending duplicate emails to BCC email

When I have more than one recipient email address on the “to” section of a form, the “BCC” recipient has started getting duplicate emails.

In the example below, when someone fills out the form, as the BCC recipient I am getting two emails for each form.

This only started in the last week.



One example:
* Link to the page with the widget in question:

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Hi Hugh,

Thank you very much for the heads-up, the issue did occur after a couple of inner improvements we’d made!

The good news is that everything’s fixed, could you please check your widget and let me know if it works as expected?

As of 9:37pm eastern USA time last night, I was still getting duplicates.

Hugh, thank you for the update!

I’ve just checked your widget and got only one email. Could you please double-check it on your end and let me know if the issue still persists?

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I’ll let you know as soon as someone submits another form. Thank you!

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I have not received duplicates for some time. I believe the fix worked.

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Awesome, thank you for the update, Hugh!