Widget for comments - please!

I would love to have a simple comment embed plugin, like Hyvor.
Features needed:

  • Moderation
  • Rating options (5 Stars and Emoji Reactions)
  • Social Login (Google, FB, Apple)
  • Rich Schema support

@Philip_Matthew happy to see you on the forum, welcome!

Thank you so much for describing your idea and the features you’d love to see in such a widget, I really hope we’ll get around to the Comments widget one day :pray:t2:

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i agree

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Yes please buil widget for comment please


You should also add to the comment widget the option to react by emoji, like or dislike, star, and reply to the comment. It would help share the experience between buyers and consumers as they could know if the item is good or not. It would also help making a “chat” for a google site as people could respond to each other or chat to each other. It would also be good to be able to @someone and add a picture to show what it looked like when it arrived. It would be nice to have moderation to the comment plugin also so it could show a Moderator, Admin, and Owner on the side of the name/email of the comment.

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Hi there and welcome aboard @GalacticNetwork :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your vision on the Comments app!

I agree that having all those features in the app would be fantastic. We’ll try our best to consider them once we’ll start working on the widget.

We promise to keep you informed about any progress here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alr thank you so much

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Hi Everyone! I also have been waiting for a Blog/Comments widget, and have been using Disqus. I noticed the first post for this widget was from 2021, so I can see the frustration the members go through. We’ve figured out a way to build a form and have the information go directly to a members email account, and we’ve figured out a way to grab information from another site and bring it to our email address. So though I have absolutely no coding experience, it seems like we need to figure out a way to either keep the information submitted within the widget on the site, or have to automatically sent back to Elfsight and then sent back to the widget, no different then when we click publish and it automatically updates the widget on my site.

Since this is apparently an important widget for the members, maybe it would be helpful if you explained why it’s been difficult to create this type of widget and what would need to happen to complete the program, especially since there are other companies who already have a Comments widget.

Just a thought.


Hi there @Trainerw :wave:

A huge thank you for your interest and help!

You are absolutely right! Some of the available apps offer more advanced features compared to what’s expected of the Comments widget.

However, you see, since we get a lot of requests, we have to be picky and choose the most popular requests first.

We do realize the high demand for this app, but, currently, we have even more popular requests such as Appointment Booking and Blog apps, that’s why the Comments widget is not released yet. I am really sorry!

This year, we have plans to actively develop new widgets, and we’ll prioritize them based on the number of votes they receive. Once we receive any news from our dev team, we’ll definitely share all details in this thread.

Once again, thanks a bunch for pointing us in this direction, it’s much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

You could have to do a simple HTML and php script that when they click the post or send button it posts it and sends it to the php to save it.


Thanks a lot for the idea, @GalacticNetwork! We’ll make sure to pass it over to the devs :raised_hands:t2: