Widget for comments - please!

Thank you for showing your support for this, Phil. I appreciate it!


@Phil1 thank you for your interest, and welcome to the community!

It’s great to see that so many people are waiting for this widget, I guess this fact is a decent reason to induce our devs to start thinking about the development. I’ll keep you in the loop :raised_hands:t2:


I would appreciate having the ‘Best Comments Box’ widget. Currently, on top of paying for my Elfsite monthly subscription, I’m also paying $12 USD ($18 AUD) per month for a comments widget from another provider, which is barely affordable for me! :grimacing:


Oh, I totally feel you, @Dannii, many thanks for sharing!

Let’s hope our devs will pay a closer attention to this request, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated here.

Thank you very much for your help, and welcome to the community! :tada:

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This feature would be perfect!


I’m actually interested in a Comment type widget also. I’d like to have my members be able to comment directly on the website instead of completing a form and having me input the info manually.


Many thanks for your comment, Mike!

Yeah, it seems a lot of users would benefit from such a widget, and I myself also love this idea :slight_smile:

It seems I’ve got to talk the devs into it!


That’s not a bad idea actually. In the successful message you can just have “comment pending review” hah

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Hey. This is my first time here. I’m appalled at how such an ugly widget and ONE with FB comments survived in such a portal that has pretty dizzying widgets. Why isn’t there anything more normal and up-to-date yet? What can be done to speed it up?


Hi @Rafal_Witkowski, happy to see you in our community, welcome!

I totally understand your frustration regarding the comments widget, I’m really sorry that we cannot offer a decent solution for the time being :frowning:

The thing is that we’re a relatively small company, and we’re really struggling with releasing new cool features/widgets at the desired pace. We’re planning on releasing at least 10 new widgets during this year, but I’m afraid a widget for comments is not in the list as of yet, I’m really sorry about it :frowning:

It’s true that we pay a closer attention to the most popular requests first, but we also have to keep in mind the development complexity when prioritizing tasks, hence the outcome.

I keep reminding our devs about this widget request though, and I do believe it will produce an effect.

Many thanks for your comment, it’s important hearing from you!

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I have created a page (using your pdf widget) on creative writing where children write and upload their articles. I felt this would be much more interactive if I could place a widget below where they can comment and provide feedback on eachothers article.

I am glad to have found this website. It has helped me a lot to run my website on creative writing. An initiative for children.


@Sandip_Chowdhury thanks a lot for sharing your use case and for joining our community! Welcome :hugs:

Yes, a Comments widget seems to be quite a desirable one, hopefully, we’ll give it a go!

Well, still no Blog Comments feature so it’s time for me to move on :cry:. My annual Elfsight Pro Pack plan is up for renewal in a few days. For the first time since I joined in March 2021, I won’t be renewing, sadly.

Although I use a few of the other widgets, they’re not crucial to my business and I can’t keep justifying my Elfsight payment when the main thing I was here for was the “Coming Soon” blog comments.

No hard feelings, just sad it couldn’t be accomplished. Thank you, @Helga, for always being so welcoming, and for helping with my questions and requests. I appreciate you! Wishing all of my fellow business owners great success! xo

@Erika I’m so very sorry to hear that, Erica! But I understand your reasons and, to be honest, I’m myself really upset that we haven’t developed the Comments widget yet.

Thank you very much for all your support and kind words! I do hope to see you back one day :slight_smile:

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Looking for a widget that will add a comment section to my website.

Hey @Amanda_Apostolos :wave:

Happy to inform you that we have such a widget in our Coming Soon project. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated discussion where we’ll post all the updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and welcome to Community!

Comments having been “Coming Soon” since at least 2021 when I joined. Unless something has changed recently, they’re not on the product roadmap (please see my interactions here with Helga). I wish they’d take that “coming soon” down as it’s misleading and potentially false advertising?

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Hey Erica, that’s quite fair, I’m really sorry that our coming soon page turned out to be somewhat misleading. I know that we’re going to revise this page so that it doesn’t look so encouraging.

Thank you for your comment!

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can someone just give me and eta on this thing I use this app for everything on my website but no comments still


@user3906, happy to see you on our forum!

Much as I’d love to give you an ETA, I’m afraid we don’t have it as of yet, I’m really sorry :frowning:

We do love the idea of making a widget for comments, but for the time being it’s still in the status of an idea only. We really hope we’ll finally consider its developments and set concrete timeline, and I’ll be happy to give an update here as soon as I have any info in this regard.

Thank you for your interest!

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