Widget for comments - please!

Really need a widget letting add comments right on the site


Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Hi and thank you for adding your idea!

I agree that this widget would be a great solution, and the good news is that we already have plans to release it!

Please feel free to check how this widget is going to look here - Best Comments box widget for website | Add Comments plugin [2022].

And yes, if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the features, don’t hesitate to share them here in the comments :slightly_smiling_face:

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Original comment from Erika Friday transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

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Still waiting for a Comments feature!! Any updates?

I was just looking at comment widget options again and hate that I’d have an additional cost for a decent one when I’ve already paid for Elfsight through 2025.

Plus I’m really happy with the quality of the other Elfsight widgets I use and know that I’ll prefer your comment widget more than any other options :bouquet:


Hello @Erika :wave:

Thank you for such a kind a feedback :heart: It’s really great pleasure to know that you enjoy our apps.

I totally understand your reasons and I’ll forward your words to our devs so they speed up the release of this app :rocket:


Thank you, @Max! I truly appreciate it :pray:t3:

This is eagerly anticipated. Will it allow attching pictures to comments - That would make it very powerful for community like dialogue. Do you have an eta?

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Hello @chrisjaxdee and welcome to Elfsight Community :heart_hands:

Unfortunately, we don’t have eta for this app! Please accept my sincere apologies!

I do understand your concerns and we will inform our dev team about this!

Thank you for understanding!

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Any updates? Seriously, if this is never going to happen, please let us know so we can find other options. I joined in Jan 2021 because it said “Comments Widget for Website - Coming Soon” here: Best Comments box widget for website | Add Comments plugin [2022]

I even pre-paid my Elsight subscription through 2025 because I was confident the main use I have for it - a blog commenting feature I can use on my Kajabi blog - would be available given some time.

I’ve recommended countless other people in my same boat to Elfsight because “soon” they’ll have blog comments we can use on our sites! In my course on Kajabi blogging, I recommend Elfsight. Now, I’m embarrassed having done both.

Since I joined, I’ve watched many, many other widgets be refined and created, yet still no blog comments widget 2 years later. I’ve had to continue using a terribly inferior product in the meantime (Disqus) because I kept assuming Elfsight would have something “soon” as promised.

But if an actual month/year ETA cannot be provided, I need to cut my losses and move on. PLEASE give an ETA or be transparent and say, “No, this won’t be happening in the foreseeable future.” Sorry to vent/complain. I adore Elfsight but this is quite frustrating :frowning: Thank you


I’m in a similar space for my course platform. Discus is just not cutting it so I have been waiting and hoping for this feature to roll out.


Welcome to the community, April! I’m sorry you’re in the same boat. I appreciate your input so Elfsight can see that this is a feature we want/need. Hope you’re having a great week :blush:

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Dear Erika, I cannot express how sorry I am about the whole situation. To be blunt, we ourselves are beyond upset that we haven’t been able to comply with our own Coming Soon project. We had great plans but due to different reasons failed to achieve them.

I totally understand your frustration because we feel the same, to be honest. We truly hoped we could make it, but every time different obstacles came our way.

As much as I’d love to deliver anything concrete, I’m afraid we don’t have an ETA for any of the coming soon apps at the moment. But what I can say for sure is that we are set on releasing new apps starting next year. We don’t know yet whether the Comments app is going to be included on the short list, but I’ll definitely update you here on our forum.

Once again, please let me bring our sincere apologies on behalf of our entire team. I’ve discussed this matter with the team, and I do believe it will help them prioritize things.

Thank you for your comment! Any feedback is crucial, especially when it well-deserved.

@April_Monique very happy to see in our Community! As you could notice, not everything may go as smoothly as we’d love to, but we are always happy to discuss things and search for ways together. So never hesitate to share your opinion and experience, we’re here to make everything right. At least to try our best :slight_smile:


Oh man a feature like this would be epic! Hopefully we can get it this year. 2023 lets goo!!!


Yes, maybe 2023 will be our year!! :laughing::crossed_fingers:t3:


@Lesan @Erika I’m with you here, guys! :grin: :crossed_fingers:t2:

To make blog posts more interactive on Kajabi, I would like to see a plug-in to add a comment box.


@user2475 thanks a lot for your comment!

I’ve moved your request to the thread where we discuss the options for such a widget and where I’m going to post updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and welcome to the community! :tada:


Welcome @user2475 and thank you @Helga :slight_smile:

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Another user here looking for that “sometime in the future” Comments Widget.