Using same data for 2 different widgets on separate Pages

Hello, is it possible to use two different widgets on two separate pages while utilizing the same event data? Basically, I would like to have a simplified widget on our home page and a more comprehensive version on another page, both using the same events.

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Hi @user3277 and welcome to Community :tada:

Sure thing! To save time, you can just copy your first widget, change the setting of the second widget and install them to different pages.

If any further questions come up or any assistance is needed, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help :wink:

Thank you for your quick response! Just to clarify, if I make a change to one widget, would I need to duplicate and re-add the widget to the page each time?

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@whiterock You are always welcome :raised_hands:

No, you won’t have to add the widget again. You just need to save changes in the widget editor and they’ll be automatically applied to the widget on your website.

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