Under Construction Banner

Different options to show that a page is under construction. Options for a banner, half page, or full page.

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I need an easy Coming Soon Layer. Just like the Age verification Layer, but to hide a page for a couple of days.

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@user1361 thanks a lot for your idea!

I guess we have a similar request for Under Construction Banner, that could be a solution for you as well.

I’ve merged your suggestion to that request so that you get all the updates as well :slight_smile:

And yes, if you come up with any other ideas or options for such an app, you’re most welcome to share them all here :slight_smile:

Hi there, your widgets are great, I feel a coming soon widget would be great as sometimes when building a page there is one you may not get to for a while and sill want to work on the active site.

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Hi @Roberta_Joehle and welcome to Elfsight family :wave:

I guess the idea of Under Construction Banner, that is already added to the Wishlist, should be just the thing for you! I’ve moved your request to the dedicated thread where we’ll post all the news.

Many thanks for sharing your suggestion!