Coming Soon Section

Maybe it’s just old age, but I can’t seem to find the Coming Soon section. I can’t find a link on any of the pages.

Also, since so many members wonder when a certain Widget will be coming out, isn’t it possible to create a section where you show a time table on widgets you’re working on? You could show percentage of update progress, and approx time when it could become available.

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Mike, this is a very reasonable comment, thank you!

First off, our Coming Soon project is available only by a direct link as of now, here it is: Coming soon: New amazing Elfsight widgets will be there in a short time!.

As for the idea of showing percentage of update progress, this is a fantastic suggestion, we even have a similar request in our Wishlist here: View the percentage of development progress for upcoming widgets.

The thing is that at the moment we’re struggling with releasing new features in a timely fashion (due to restricted resources), but we’re planning on working in this direction. I really hope I’ll be able to announce such a category on our forum one day :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Mike! It’s great to hear your feedback and ideas! :fire:

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Thank you Helga.

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