Timeline widget ETA

hello, i found that a Timeline widget is going to come soon - https://elfsight.com/timeline-widget/

any chance to have a rough ETA for this?

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Hi @dan, welcome to our forum! Really happy to see you join :hugs:

As for the Timeline widget, much as I’d love to share any info regarding ETA, I’m afraid we don’t have concrete dates at the moment, I’m really sorry about it :pensive:

However, we’re on the verge of opening the Wishlist category here, so we’ll keep you updated about new features and apps releases here. Your ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the welcome, glad to been here. Looking fwd to open the Wishlist category!

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@dan I’m happy to say that the Wishlist category is finally here!

Feel welcome to vote for the Timeline Widget in order to always receive updates on this request: Widget for presenting events in progress or in chronological order (timeline)

And your other ideas are very much appreciated :slight_smile: