Get access to the beta version of upcoming widgets as soon as possible


As I can’t wait to test the appointment booking widget (Appointment Booking - embed a useful widget to your website! (2022)) , I would like it to be possible for us to be able to access a beta version of the upcoming widgets (Coming soon: New amazing Elfsight widgets will be there in a short time!) as soon as possible.

Thus, we could get an idea of what the widget will look like and be able to offer it to our visitors while waiting for its official release.

What do you think ?

Would it be possible to set this up as soon as possible please?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Romano,

First of all, thank you ever so much for this great suggestion and offer!

I’m truly sorry that at the moment we’re unable to release new widgets as promptly as we’d actually love to. We make every effort to speed up the process, however, everything depends on the developers’ overall load.

I wish we could give this feature a go right away, but I have to confess that it will require time. However, when we have this widget beta-version, we’ll make sure to consider the idea of asking you to test it out.

Thank you so much for your interest and understanding!

Best regards,

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