Speed Test Widget

Can we get everyone to upvote this Hot & Amazing Idea. There are over 90 Million people worldwide every MONTH who search for internet speed test, and having that customizable widget that comes in different speed test type, i.e digital meter or clock, shapes, “type of speed meter” incl size and colors would get everyone on here with a blog or a website customers from all over the world simply because you have an internet speed test widget on your website. Especially when its not branded if you pay a monthly subscription thru elfight, it will be native and original to your site. This will benefit everyone to get a piece of the market share with many users and customers around the world. Lets get this wishlist approved and upvoted, lets get a piece of this 90 Million searches per month piece of the pie to us as well. Everyone upvote this wishlist ASAP! It will also get Elfsight new customers too !!!

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What an awesome comment! Thank you so much for such a detailed description of your use case :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree that such an app would be a great addition to our app catalog. If this request gets more votes, we’ll try to consider your idea in our future updates.

We’ll keep you posted in this thread!

Yes Plz :grin:

Lets go guys… lets do this… lets get this HUGE Market share TRAFFIC to our websites :heart_on_fire:

Just a quick idea added feature proposal. So the test speed widget would have many “styles” or “types” to choose from. Atleast 5 types for a digital speed test and atleast another 5 for a clock speed test style. We would have the ability to choose different colors, shapes and sizes. Also, there should be a box selector for us to decide if we want the speed test to automatically run as soon as someone lands on our website or the choice to not allow that and have the user click GO or Start. So you tick the box or untick the box to start automatically or manually.

!! We should also be able to insert/upload our logo inside the Speed test Meter !!

Also make sure that theres an upload speed as well of course. Including maybe latency, server location etc… Part of the many styles of the speed test is having the download speed in a big size, and the upload speed in a small size below it to the right, center or left side right underneath the big download speed meter.

Please check out Fast.com. Their Powered by Netflix. ONE OF THE STYLE that you guys should have is the FAST.COM’s style. Which after the test result, theres a box that appears that says show more info, and you get to see other details etc… An exact Replica"…!!

Please take this with serious consideration with the product team and please share with me other questions or follow up suggestions to that so we can build this incredible idea!!!


Thanks a bunch for your interest and help! Your insights are highly appreciated.

Your suggestions are great and we’ll try to consider them :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, if we have any additional questions regarding the widget’s functionalities, we’ll gladly discuss them with you.