Voting application

Wondering if their is a voting app - Eg - We are running a conference and people get to vote for the cutest cat picture.

Also want it to be able to only accept 1 vote per person so people dont spam it to win

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@Trish that’s a very nice idea, thanks a lot for sharing!

I’m afraid we don’t have an app to offer you now, but we’ll be happy to consider your suggestion in the future :slight_smile:

A huge thanks for your help and welcome to the Elfsight Community! We’re really happy to have you with us, so feel free to look around and take part in the discussions :hugs:

Vote counter widget with yes or no!

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@user1644 welcome to the Elfsight community, and thanks a lot for your idea!

Do you mean that you need a separate widget with this functionality? Could you please also describe your use case a bit so that I have a bigger picture of what you’d love to achieve?

Thank you!

How about a voting app? I have been trying to find a good one for years now. Something I can add to each blog and have the readers vote on favorite features or whatever.

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@MindsEye11 I do love your idea! Agree that a voting app would be just a thing for blogs :+1:t2:

I’ve moved your suggestion to another thread with a similar idea and I’ll keep you posted on the progress here :slight_smile: