Slider issue

The new configurator is really slick. But unfortunately since this update, the buttons to launch a link on my slider no longer work. The expected action is that the link from the button opens in a new window. Instead, I get a " **** refused to connect." error within the iframe of the Slider. My site is used as an intranet, and unfortunately, is not publicly viewable. Please advise on how I can fix? I have submitted a ticket to support (#343868)
Thanks, Annie


Hello @Annie and welcome to Elfsight Community :wink:

I am deeply sorry that you’ve encountered issue with our app!

I’ve forwarded your request to our devs and, hopefully, they’ll come up with a proper solution really soon :rocket:

Please do not worry, I’ll keep you updated!


Thank you @Max !!!

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Hello @Annie!

Thank you for waiting!

I’ve consulted with our devs regarding the issue! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find the reason for the issue without checking your website. We would be more than happy to check everything for you, but there is nothing we can do without a link to the webpage with the widget. I am really sorry about it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.