Reviews widgets Down

Looks like Elfsight Reviews widgets are down.
I use ALL-IN-1 on one website and Airbnb on another.
Neither are showing any reviews at the moment

Dear Bev,

Please accept my apologies for the lag reply and for the issue you had to face!

We’ve rolled a minor update for our Reviews widgets which, unfortunately, caused the issue you described. We’ve fixed the error, so all the widgets should perform correctly.

Could you please check your widgets and let me know if everything’s fine on your end, too?

Again, I’m so sorry for all the inconvenience caused :sweat:

I’m creating widgets for both VRBO & AirBNB reviews, but when I add the links to both sites, it’s saying no reviews found. I have reviews on both.

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Hi @user534, and welcome to the forum!

I’m really sorry that you had to face issues when setting the widget :frowning:

The good news is that the issue is fixed, so everything should be back to normal now.

Could you please check your widget and let me know if everything’s fine on your end?

Hi Helga,

I appreciate the quick response. It seems everything is working right now! Thanks again!

Brandi Veit

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the update, Brandi!

Have a fantastic week ahead! :hugs: