Vrbo reviews not loading All-Reviews-App


I am trying to create a widget with the all-review-app with Airbnb and Vrbo reviews. Airbnb is working but Vrbo not. I tried both of the following links as a source, they both don’t work.


Does anybody know how to solve this?


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Hi there @user5172 :wave:

I am so sorry about this issue!

Your request is now with our devs. I’ll get back to you once I receive a response from them :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am having this issue as well…

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Hi @user5185 :wave:

Please accept my apologies for all the inconvenience!

Our devs are doing their best to fix the issue with the Vrbo Reviews as soon as possible. We’ll keep you updated here.

Hi Max,

Are there any news regarding my problem?

Thank you

Hi Flavia, let me step in for Max while he’s on holiday :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the status, and I’m afraid we’re still working on this issue, I’m really sorry that it’s taking that much time :pensive:

I’ll give an update here as soon as I have any news.

Thank you so much for your patience!

Hi Helga,

Thank you for your answer. I am waiting for your answer then.


I have the same issue Vrbo reviews not loading in All-Reviews-App. Looking forward to seeing if a fix will happen in the future.

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@Tasha_Danny I’m so sorry about this :frowning:

I’ve already passed it on to the team, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update.

Guys, we’re terribly sorry that it’s taking so much time, we’re doing our best :sweat:

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I can’t get it to work either?

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Welcome to Community @Karl_Smith :wave:

We are terribly sorry for all the inconvenience caused!

Our devs are aware of the issue and they are doing all their best to fix it as soon as possible. We’ll immediately inform you once any news come up.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!