and connection problems with the all in one reviews app

  • I live in Germany. Automatically when I open or search airbnb, firefox & co will open the site. This site will not be accepted form the all in one reviews app. Is there a method to connect my reviews on airbnb with the app? Booking, Vrbo, google, are all working good:


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Greetings @Martin_Matthaes :wave:

We are extremely glad to see you with us, welcome!

I have to say that our widget supports links:

Also, I see that you’ve opened a support ticket where you’ve mentioned this link:

I need to let you know that our app only supports links to property listings. I’m sorry for any confusion caused!

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions.

Hello Max. I did not understand. If I live in Germany can J have your widget for the Airbnb reviews? Please let me know
Can’t you find the correct link for me? Villa noho in Nonnenhorn. Germany

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@Martin_Matthaes Sorry for being not clear enough!

Unfortunately, I could find your property on Airbnb, but happy to tell you that you can display your reviews using our widget. You just need to replace .de with .com.

Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,
I continue to have the problem with my Airbnb reviews. When I open on my property and click on the Reviews page, the link that is shown in Firefox is
However, this link does not seem to work with your app, as the reviews and the vote are not shown.

On my website,ästestimmen, the Airbnb icon appears next to the other icons for the “all-in-one-reviews” app, but no number is shown.

Could you please check this out for me? I am wondering if there is a solution, or if I am your only European customer with this problem.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Hi @Martin_Matthaes :wave:

Sure, I’ll be happy to advise!

As I’ve mentioned above, only property listings links are supported in our app. This is a link to your personal profile - and you need to use a link to your property. I’ve checked your profile and found an associated property listing -

I’ve tried to add this link to the widget and the only review has been successfully collected:

Could you please check this link ( and let me know if it helped?

Max!!! you are great!
that what I wanted!
many thanks
it works!!
have a nice evening

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@Martin_Matthaes Wow, what an amazing feedback! Thank you so much for your words :heart:

You are always welcome!