Reviews won't appear when creating new widget

I’m trying to create widgets for both Facebook reviews & Google reviews, but when I add the links to both sites, neither one is showing that I have any reviews and I’m not sure why. None of my sites’ reviews are new either.

Hi Kami and welcome to the forum!

I’m very sorry to see that you have difficulties with the widget, so let’s try to iron them out together :slight_smile:

To make the Google reviews displayed in the widget, you need to insert the following info to the widget: either your business name and address, or the embed code in case you don’t have an address.
This article will show you both ways in more detail: Step 1: Featuring your reviews in Elfsight Google Reviews widget - Elfsight Help Center

As for Facebook Reviews, all you need to do is just add the link to your Facebook public page, and you’re good :slight_smile:

However, if you still have issues with fetching your reviews, please send me the links to your Google reviews and Facebook page, I’ll be happy to check everything on my end!