Retrieve Data from CRM to display based on entry

Your pop up has 2 fields, a customer ID and a filing date. I am sending my prospects to a site that contains the pop up, the prospect enters the customer ID and the filing date and I then intended, thru Zapier, to send this data to my Zoho CRM, retrieving the record based on the customer ID, comparing the Filing date and then displaying approximately a 6-12 fields of record information on a webpage. It would be great if we could submit the 2 field information thru the pop up, then retrieve the record in Zoho CRM based on that entered info and display the returned data.

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Hi there and welcome aboard @user10793 :wave:

I see that my colleague Elena has already forwarded your request to our devs. They’ll check things and Elena will let you know if it’s feasible :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you much, I know she was working on it, I just wanted to make sure I was doing things according to protocol and it seemed like this might be the recommended way to accomplish this.

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