Your entire product line could benefit from Zapier integration

In this case, it could allow me to upload the data via Google Sheets vs manually typing in everything.

Since I’m using Webflow (which also has Zapier integration) my client can make changes to a Google Sheet or on the Webflow CMS client editor and have those changes / additions updated instantly and without my intervention.

Your company services would gain greater exposure to more clients and flexibility with the thousands of other integrations possible with Zapier.

In this instance, I’ve chosen to go to slick slider and just embed the code myself in order to preserve the Webflow CMS editor capability for myself and my client. slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you for submitting this idea!

We understand that this integration would be really useful and we’ll definitely try to consider it for our future updates.

Thanks for your help!

Great news — Zapier integration is available in Form widgets, Popup and Button!

Feel free to find the details and share your feedback here :slight_smile: