Integration with Excel

I would highly appreciate an integration with MS Excel!?

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@Georges thanks a lot for your suggestion, we’ll try our best to think in this direction!

By the way, we’re on the brink of releasing Zapier option, could it be helpful in your case?

Hi Helga,

Unfortunately Zapier would not be helpful for me. Of cause I can live with the google sheets integration, but Excel would be ways better and more flexible for data handling etc.


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Copy that, Georges! I’ll keep you updated in this thread if I’ve got any news :slight_smile:

Hi, Any update on Excel integration?

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Hi @user3689 and welcome aboard :wave:

Much as I’d love to share an update, I’m afraid the solution hasn’t been found yet, I’m really sorry! Once any news come up, we’ll immediately share it here.

A huge thank you for your interest and helping us grow :wink: