Removing past events altogether from widget

When an event has passed, can the event actually be removed from the widget? I know once the month has gone, these events don’t show on the website but are still stored in the widget.

I have quite a few from Feb-March that I have manually deleted but if the widget deleted them automatically it would make it a lot easier :slight_smile:


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Past events disappear from the widget, but not from the back end. Since the events in the list in the back end are in order of when they were added and not by date, I have to click on each one to see if they’re a past event before I can delete it. Alternatively, I wish I could see the date of the event on the events list rather than just the title so I could keep them organized.


Very reasonable idea, @user3223, thanks a lot for sharing! We’ll try to think about it in our future updates.

We also have a similar request regarding placing dates next to the events, you can vote for it here: Add events in date order automatically.

Many thanks for your help and welcome to the community! We’ll be happy to hear your other suggestions, feedback or questions about our service :slight_smile:

We use our event calendar to show events happening all around the city. It would be great if the system would automatically delete past events from the backoffice.


Greetings @user3660 and welcome to Community :wave:

I do see your point, and I’m very sorry that our widget doesn’t support this feature. We’ll try our best to consider it for the widget in future updates.

Thanks a lot for pointing us in this direction :heart:

I hate that I have to go in an physically remove past events from the list. can we have an option to help with automatic cleanup of past events?

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Hi there @Booking :wave:

I couldn’t agree more that this feature is really important. We already have such a request in the Wishlist and I moved your comment to the dedicated thread. We’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

A huge thank you for sharing your idea!

This could be an auto archive feature with a days old parameter set by the user.


@Shany_Porras Thank you so much for sharing your idea!

We’ll try to think it over when we start working on this feature :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be nice, if they will be kind of moves to an „Past event“ folder (the interval events after the date of the last one)

There should be maybe something like „multible chose“ to select the events I want to remove.

So I can keep the ones I would like to keep, because I can use them again by changing the date and I don‘t have to setup the whole event informations again.

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Great idea @Dirk73 :+1:

We’ll have it in mind when working on this functionality.

A huge thank you for your input, it’s highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alternately, instead of placing past events in a folder. Can it be possible to download them in a csv?

Any bulk upload/download functionality with this app would be AMAZING! Especially since I use other Elfsight apps for getting information/uploading information.


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Good point @Shany_Porras :+1:

We’ll try to consider this opportunity as well. Thanks a lot for your interest and help, we’re always happy to hear from you :wink:

This would be so helpful for one-time events :slight_smile:

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Hi @meaghan :wave:

I couldn’t agree more with it! I hope our devs will pay attention to them in the future and I’ll make sure to update here once any news come up :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for pointing us in this direction!