Please can past events remove themselves automatically

It saves removing events that has gone manually. I use a event calendar that constantly has events added to it. This can help with ease and also look professional on the website and clear so as to not confuse users. Even though I have past events turned off, it is still showing events that have gone.

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Dear folks,

We’ve done several tests and we’d love to say that now our widget works fine, past events are not showing up in the widget providing they are turned off.

Could you please check the widgets and let us know if they work correctly now?

Thank you so much!

Original comment from Erin Larison transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hello Erin,

Thanks for your comment!

I’m so sorry to hear that the widget seems to be working incorrectly. Could you please contact our Support Team and provide a link to the page with your widget?

We will be happy to look into the issue and find out what’s going wrong.