Release Notes: September 2022

Hey guys!

September has come to an end, meaning it’s time we shared what’s been done during this month :slight_smile:

New Features

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Thanks a lot for staying with us, folks!

We strive to improve our service, but is there any crucial change you’d love us to implement in the shortest possible time?


Cant wait for html codes to be added to sliders and accordians like pop ups have! This is soooo very needed!!! Would think this would be pretty easy since already in pop ups! Thanks for all you do!

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@user706 thank you so much for your kind words!!

I’ve already passed your request on to the devs for further consideration. Hopefully, they will find it as nice an idea as you and I do :slight_smile:


@user706 you know, we’ve just transferred our wishlist portal to this forum, so you can leave any suggestions and requests here now :slight_smile:

Feel free to vote for the ideas you mentioned in order to subscribe for the updates:

Slider: HTML and iframe blocks
FAQ: Ability to add HTML and iframe blocks like in Popup

We love hearing from you and reading all your suggestions, so never hesitate to share!