Do you use Facebook?

Guys, today’s question is quite simple: do you use Facebook anyway?

As you might already know, we’re in the process of building a brand-new Dashboard, and when we decided to check out our Sign-Up buttons statistics, we discovered that the Facebook button is used less than in 3%(!) cases. To be honest, we’re even considering removing this option at all.

Do you know what the problem could lie in, and are we the only ones with such results? Elon Musk has unmasked Twitter, isn’t it time for him to have a dig at Facebook, too? :sweat_smile:

Oh, and it would be cool if you chose the Sign-Up options you use the most:

  • Google Sign Up
  • Google One Touch
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Apple Pay
  • LinkedIn
  • Other (post in the comments)

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Really curious to hear your thoughts! :top:


It isn’t dying. It is just that the API is terrible to use to grant access to outside applications. For instance, I shouldn’t have to tell my website owner customer to add my personal facebook account as an admin to their page to use the widget.


Yeah, that’s true! We wish we had a better solution, but a lot of restrictions really come from Facebook.
And all in all, do you still use Facebook on a daily basis, and do use it as a Sign-Up option?

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I think Facebook knows enough about me without giving it access to my apps. I use Facebook every day as I run a large crafting based Facebook group. But I like to keep it separate from everything else.


Yes, I also think it’s a good idea to have a thematic group on Facebook, thanks for sharing, @Narelle!

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I think facebook had a downfall at this time. after corona they have tried several innovations and changes but everything failed. Metaverse also failed . So now they should work on their primary platform. i think youth generation were using instagram,whatsapp more . So they are focusing pn those apps rather than facebook

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@sreeraj yeah, couldn’t agree more. I also don’t find all the Meta ‘innovations’ useful in any meaningful way – just another complication, to be honest :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the community, btw! :hugs:

We don’t use anything Meta at all and certainly not anything business related.


I definitely use Facebook, for personal and business. I also sometimes have used Facebook authentication from time to time, but less so since that has been connected to hacks against clients in the past (hack of the FB account, authorization exists in other space, then people are using that hacked login as entry to ad accounts, billing other vendors, etc).

The same could be said for Google SSO getting breached, I’ve just not seen it happen related to ad account hack/spend nearly as often as the Facebook one (usually through phishing attacks or other sites breached), so I’m no longer using Facebook authentication for 3rd party apps and sites where avoidable.

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The only reason I still work with Facebook is because is mirrored from Instagram, and there’s is still a Boomer Target we can get through this platform. More alternatives transale in more probabilities to get those leads.

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Very interesting points, thanks a lot for sharing @Eric2 @Ana_Maria!

@Eric2 I hope it was not your personal experience with the account to be hacked, or was it someone in your circles with this experience? We didn’t hear about this vulnerability on the Facebook end, so perhaps it could be an isolated case.

Nevertheless, Google seems to be an absolute leader here, which is quite understandable.

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I have a facebook account, but I never use it. I’m on my cell phone and computer enough throughout the day I couldn’t imagine having another media to monitor.

So true! This era of gadgets and technologies is really overwhelming!