'Meet your Peers' Thread! [books/films]

More and more people are joining our forum, which is absolutely awesome! :heart_eyes:

A new community might seem intimidating and uncomfortable, and I think it’s always great to get to know each other a bit better :slight_smile:

So, this week’s question:

Books or films? Which one is your favourite? :popcorn:

Feel free to post as much as you’d like! :dancer:t2:


As for me, I definitely opt for books – can’t live without them, to be blunt :sweat_smile:

It’s absolutely impossible for me to pick only one book, but I guess I can name my favourite author: Charles Dickens :heart:

If you’ve got any tips on how to stay focused while watching something, please do share :smile:


I envy people like you, Helga, who are able to read a book, I just don’t have the patience for it, but I love the content of the books and accept the compromise of not always hearing the story in full in films, or I’ll dodge it on an audio book. Total audio visual type I am. I love all documentaries, but documentaries like Aaron Hillel Swartz have influenced the way I work.
If I want to concentrate on something and have to, I put on my headset and block out outside noise
cool question big Greetz Dirk


To be honest, I don’t really like reading books. Shame on me :roll_eyes:

However, I just adore football :soccer:, so sometimes I enjoy reading biographies of famous football players. My favorite one is the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

So, if to choose between books and films, I would definitely say films. It’s hard to take only one genre or film, but I actually like all films with Tom Hanks.


Tom Hanks is just great, I totally agree :call_me_hand: :+1:


@Dirk how cool that you love audiobooks! You know, I also have not managed to get a hang of them – they just never go in a pace I need, and I get really annoyed about it :sweat_smile:

But I, in my turn, envy people who are OK with audiobooks cuz it’s really a very convenient thing.

And great that you’ve mentioned documentaries—I’ve always wanted to give them a go, so it seems it’s a sign!

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@Helga Your point of view is totally exciting I feel the same way, only the point of view is different, we both want the same thing, we are different types of learners. You can read and understand 100% very quickly, right? I understand faster through video or explaining.
I’m curious if I’m right ^^ :disguised_face: :joy: :rofl:
We have to pay for public television through taxes but it is now being used to strengthen school television and educational television = documentaries, a good change brought about by covid.
I’ve never tried the translation or if one has even been written, but this is the gold mine of great documentaries.

Are there maybe others here who know cool documentaries on YouTube or just good films such as the totally underestimated Howard the Duck I love films from the 80s

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At Kallen Web Design I read for about a half hour before turning off the lights to sleep. I am currently reading books about Anglicanism and the history of the church. But I prefer films and tv shows for entertainment.

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Books all day. I love a good film but a really immersive book takes you to new dimensions. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be ‘Carriers’ authored by Patrick Lynch. I enjoy reading pretty much any genre. I binge read, which gets me into trouble. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I haven’t tried audio books yet.


Books! TTRPG supplements, graphic novels, educational materials, plays, and sci-fi short stories. Movies are great too, but I think books are a better investment.

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Oh wow, thanks for sharing! I wish I could share anything solid here :slightly_smiling_face:

You know, I also love short videos, but yeah, it’s way more comfortable for me to digest the info through reading, so I guess you’re right!

Speaking about old films, I totally feel you as I also adore their ambiance, although I haven’t watched much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Hugh also love reading articles relating to my job or just something interesting and useful, like blogs or something along the lines :slight_smile:

You seem to love serious and deep books, hats off! I agree that a nice TV show is the best way to unwind. Which one is your go to?

Hey @Melii , first off, welcome to the forum! :heart_eyes:

Totally get you, sometimes I’m so sorry that I have to spend 6-8 hours each day for sleeping when I could read! So I agree, we’d better not to lose track of time :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the recommendation, definitely gonna check it :raised_hands:t2:

@Alexander how lovely that you also prefer books! You don’t seem to stick to a particular genre (as opposed to me :slight_smile: ) which is really incredible.

Which sci-fi stories you’ve loved most? I’m really curious to check them out, too :slight_smile:

For modern new stuff - https://escapepod.org/

Sorry Please Thank You - Charles Yu

Of course, anything from the classics Philip K Dick, Asimov, Le Guin, etc…

Awesome, thanks a bunch! :fire:

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iron men

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And I love Spider-Man :heart_eyes:

By the way, welcome to the forum, @Alessandro1, really happy to see you here with us :slight_smile:

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I just love movies, i cant live with out them… Netflix is my fav channel and Pluto Tv…

Kind regards from Michel.J

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