Pricing Tables


Pricing tables on multiple sites have randomly screwed up today.

Prices are wrong, the payment option is wrong (instead of one-time payment it’s changed to per night, whilst some have stayed as regular amount), and links are also conflicting between our sites (some of which have been reset to

There were also errors this morning with the pricing tables:

Couple hours later from seeing above all our websites using the pricing table now have wrong data (price, links and payment type).

What’s going on with this???

Same issue here. Please escalate!

Dear @Danny and @Kevin3, we’re extremely sorry that you’ve faced issues with our Pricing Table widget!

Unfortunately, some of our users really have encountered troubles with the Pricing Table widget, and we’re terribly sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

Please contact our Support Team and provide the link to the widgets in question, they will be happy to assist and fix everything. Your requests will be processed urgently.

Hi There,

We have sent multiple emails and now loosing a huge amount of customers. Why has our tables not been fixed. Please urgently look at them.


Dear Stephen,

We’re terribly sorry for such an outrageous situation, we do understand what an impact it might cause, and we’re doing everything possible to process all the requests as promptly as possible.

We have found your support ticket, and our Support Team will reply to you in the shortest possible time.

Once again, we’re incredibly sorry for all the inconvenience our widgets have caused to you!

We have this same issue. When will it be fixed? This is majorly impacting our ability to generate revenue on our site.

Dear Todd,

I feel terrible to hear that this issue affected you too. Much as we would love to apply a general fix to all the widgets, unfortunately, we have to check out each case separately.

Please contact our Support Team and provide the link to the page with the widgets in question. We’ll do everything possible to bring them back for you asap.

We’re extremely sorry for any inconvenience this situation has caused :pray:t2:

Considering that we have 5 pages (in your app) worth of pricing tables, that’s not really a great help for us…we have had to scramble to get them all manually fixed as obviously an issue in the purchase process is a mission critical challenge.

I’m sure there is some sort of pattern in there but at first glance, it appears to be random as to whether or not your update caused a pricing table to display the wrong product price and purchase link. This issue probably cost us a few thousand dollars for today so we’re not exactly happy with the fact that this happened, the lack of a supportive process to fix it or the fact that we have no faith that it will not happen again.

Please pass this along to your support leadership as I’d like their take on how you guys are going to make this right for us and avoid this situation in the future.



Todd Eby
Founder, SuccessHACKER

(510) 610-9007

Dear Todd,

I cannot express how sorry we are for this incident, as we see clearly how painfully our customers have been affected.

Our Support Agent will contact you shortly and provide full assistance. We’ll do everything in our power to resolve the issue the best way we can.

Please let me apologize on behalf of the whole Elfsight team one more time.

Ok this was weird, at some point this week - the pricing table widget we’ve been using on our website changed, without anyone editing it. The prices went down to the original template ones, then all the buttons were changed to redirect to elfsight. I only found out as I had a potential customer contact me to say we’ve been hacked by a company called elfsight and they are sending traffic from us to them! :grimacing:

Was there a change on the pricing widget recently that forced it to default back to original settings? Worth checking others I think so people dont have the same embarrassment

Dear Peter,
I cannot apologize enough for the interruption in our widget’s work and for the frustration this has caused you.

Unfortunately, due to the last update of Pricing Table app, the widget is experiencing some issues at the moment. We realize the urgency of the situation and how it can impact our customers, and our top priority is to bring the widget back up in the shortest possible time.

If any issue still persists for you, could you please contact our Support Team and provide the links to the widgets in question? They will do everything possible to bring everything back shortly, since this type of requests is our top priority now.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for this terrible incident one more time :pray:t2:

Dear folks,

We were trying our hardest to bring everything back, and I’m happy to say that our dev team did find a solution. Now all the widgets should work fine, and I do believe you don’t experience any issues any longer.

However, if you have any other difficulties, or if something’s still working incorrectly, please do let me know, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you one more time for your patience and understanding! :pray:t2: