Elfsight widgets down?

We use their Pricing Table widget on a Wix site. The Pricing Table is no longer displaying on our site even after re-publishing the code in the Elfsight dashboard.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

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Having the same issue with an Instagram widget - started last night.

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@Drew_Sabharwal @user3996 hello guys, welcome to the forum!

I’m extremely sorry for the issue, I’ve already passed it to the team and we’re investigating this matter. I see that you’ve opened support tickets, and my colleagues will make sure to get back to you there. I’ll keep you in the loop here too :pray:t2:

Don’t worry, we’re on it!

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@Drew_Sabharwal I’ve checked your website and the Pricing widget is displayed correctly now. Could you please confirm that everything’s fine on your end too?

@user3996, I’m afraid we’ll need some more time to get Instagram Feed widgets back to normal, but we’re already working on it. I’ll keep you posted!

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Hi Helga, confirming the Pricing Table widget loads fine now. Many thanks

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@Drew_Sabharwal great, thank you! Wish you a great user experience and an awesome week, and we’re always here if any help is needed :slight_smile:

@user3996 happy to say that Instagram Feed widgets got fixed too!

Could you please let me know if everything’s fine on your end now?

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