Pricing Page Is Gone From View

I was editing one of our live pricing pages. After each edit I saved and then viewed it on our site. All was going well. Then made an additional edit and now everything is gone. The actual content is still there, but not the view on elfsight nor the document on our website. Any ideas?

I have tried everything, including duplicating the doc. Nothing seems to be working.

Thank you,

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Hello @user952 and welcome to our Community :heart:

Please accept our sincere apologies for this unfavourable situation and for the frustration this is causing you! Our recent update of templates’ display logic has led to some difficulties in widget’s display.

Rest assured that the responsible department is already working on the elimination of all bugs.

The previous logic has been returned and we’ll be able to restore the previous version of your widget if it’s been reset to the default settings.

More information you can find in this topic.

Could you please provide me with a direct link to the website where your widget is installed? We’ll be happy to check everything for you!

Hi -

Thank you for connecting. The direct website link isn’t working as nothing can be seen. Would it be possible to speak to work through this issue. I am not very computer/programming savvy. 925.980.7791

WOTVS Corporate Membership Plans (

We were able to dig in and it seems when we toggle to the “features” and it is on we can view the header only (on your site). When we toggle the “features” off it goes blank. Not sure if this is helpful. Also in trying to recreate/duplicate the page we find that when we add a “hint” everything goes white. We really need this back up as it is critical to how ppl join our organization.

Hello @user952!

I am sorry for the delayed reply!

I see that you’ve opened a support ticket and my colleague Sofia has already contacted you.

If any other questions come up, please do not hesitate to contact Sofia.

Have a nice day!