[NEW WIDGET]: Say hello to Appointment Booking! πŸš€

BIG NEWS :boom:

Making appointments on your website just got easier, as the much-anticipated Appointment Booking app is finally live!!! :rocket:


Appointment Booking: What is it?

This app is designed to simplify the booking process. With a clean and intuitive interface, your website visitors can effortlessly choose a convenient time for their appointment.

Both you and your customers receive confirmation emails with calendar attachments, making it easy to keep track of appointments.

Feel free to give it a try in our online demo :rocket:

The list of key features

  • Flexible availability scheduling

  • Google Calendar integration

  • Day-specific availability hours

  • Automated notifications

  • Customizable widget design

  • and more!

Guys, we couldn’t fit in all the features you asked for this time, but we’re planning to add more in the future updates.

Head over to our Wishlist, vote for features you need to see added, and share your own ideas. Your feedback does increase chances for a faster release! :wink:


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