Make it easier to find the events on the list

When we need to update an event, it is very hard to find the specific one using the calender side bar list as we have multiple events with essentially the same title.

Without clicking on the actual events in the side bar its impossible to know which location it is associated with. So it can take a lot longer than we’d like to find events to edit sometimes.
Is there a way to filter the events when editing so that we can be left with only the event/s we want to update?

As a suggestion for an improvement, maybe adding a feature where we click on the event in the calendar (when in edit mode) it is also highlighted in the side bar list so you can scroll down and see it clearly and easily.


When there are multiple events with the same name, it’s difficult if not downright impossible to know which one to click on to edit or delete one of the events. The solution is to display the event date in the left sidebar when in edit mode. I’m surprised this issue hasn’t already been addressed. I can’t be the only person who sometimes needs to edit or delete one of several events with the same name.


It would be helpful (for those of us who have to duplicate events to make them recurring since the current recurring feature is not helpful given we can’t set end dates) to allow us to edit an event by clicking the event directly on the calendar widget rather than from the CRM because the full CMS event list doesn’t let us differentiate events by date, so I’m clicking on multiple duplicate events just guessing its date until I actually click on it. If I could click directly on the calendar, I have control over which one instance I’m looking at, which would save a ton of time since it wouldn’t be a guessing game to figure out which recurring instance I’m editing. Or give the option in CMS event list to view a column that’s linked to the date of that event, so I know I’m editing May 10 and not May 17.

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@user2776 I totally understand your concern and cannot but agree that such an option is a must.

I’ve shared this thread with our team to draw their attention to this request, and I do believe they will be able to include it in their roadmap. I’ll make sure to update you here :raised_hands:t2:

Many thanks for your comment and for your help, it’s much appreciated!

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When you have a ton of events (that have similar names) it’s really hard to know which one is which from what you can see on left panel. I think there should be an ‘edit’ feature on the right which would make it much easier to find the event you want to edit. Even if I was able to expand the left panel width to reveal more info, that would work too.


I completely agree with this.
Potentially either a search bar on the side list, or the option of displaying events either chronically or alphabetical could help

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Hi @Bolette :wave:

We are so grateful for sharing your feedback with us!

I share your point and agree that this feature would be of a great help. We’ll do our best to consider this option in our future updates.

We’ll keep you updated here :slightly_smiling_face:

Event calendar:

  • It would be helpful to have a way to sort hosts and venues alphabetically
  • It would be helpful to have an option to view the date of the event in the list without having to click on the event to see the date.
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And it would be helpful to have two column option for plugging in times, so instead of a list to scroll through, have it be like:
10 (hour) and : 30 (minute)
so you can find the hour and minutes easier, letting you plug the time quicker than scrolling through one whole list twice for a start and end time.

And setting one time zone as default would be wonderful.

Thank you for the repeat feature!!!

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An auto save on the calendar would be extremely helpful. If I swipe the trackpad by accident, I lose everything that wasn’t manually saved.

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@user2776 many thanks for all your comments and my apologies for such a late reply :frowning:

I do agree with all your notes, they do sound reasonable and worth considering!

  • We already have a similar request for alphabetical order, so feel free to vote for it here: To be able to sort categories/filters on the events calender.

  • As for your second suggestion to have an option to view the date of the event in the list, am I right that you mean the list in your dashboard? If so, it would be awesome if you could open a separate request in our Wishlist here: Event Calendar - Elfsight Community :slight_smile:

  • Concerning the time picker, you actually can type in the needed time manually, but if it’s still not the best solution, it would be great if you opened a separate request for it: Event Calendar - Elfsight Community.

  • As for an auto save, it is already available in our new dashboard! If you’d like to move to the new dashboard out of turn, feel free to contact our Support Team, they’ll be happy to assist!

  • Fixed time zone is already included in the widget, you can either set the events to be displayed in your visitors’ local time (on the Settings tab) or set each event’s time zone manually:


Many thanks for your all your kind words, I’m really happy that you loved our new repeat options :heart_eyes:

If you have any other questions or concerns, we’re always here for you :slight_smile:

It would be really useful if the events calendar, the list of maintained events had a colour overlay / background of what was being used on the frontend calendar re the event colour. This would make sorting out lots of events much easier visually in the backend of the events app.

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@Phil thank you for sharing your idea! I guess it sounds like another nice solution for the question of finding the events on the list, doesn’t it?

I’ve moved your comment to the thread where we discuss these options :slight_smile:

Suggestion Feature to filter events by event type or date/month. Drop down menu for the calendar, I have lots of events listed in my calendar, some are duplicates, of the same event at different times. I don’t like to delete the events so that I know when we had them on year over year basis. Or you can make an archived list, that way any event that has passed is automatically moved to an archived list so that you can still go back to see past events.

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Hi @Monika :wave:

We are so glad to see you back!

All of your suggestions make perfect sense, and I completely agree that having these functionalities would be incredibly beneficial when working in the configurator!

We’ll aim to include these ideas into our future updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and helping us grow. It’s highly appreciated!

I would like to recommend you add the avatar in the list of events for easier find. U can quickly find the types of your events for editing. Example:

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Wow, brilliant thought!

We’ll try to consider adding the images to the event list. We’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!

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I started creating a calendar for the next month (November) and I realized that this is really relevant. There are really not enough event avatars :sunglasses: I’m waiting it. If U have some questions about it, I’m ready to help U :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, understand your point, this feature would be beneficial for many customers.

Sure, if any questions come up, we’ll let you know.

We are extremely grateful for your interest and help, this is huge :heart:

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