To be able to sort categories/filters on the events calender

when entering a new location, host or category for filters, you have to manually move each one to make them in order, i.e. alphabetical (which is easier for the consumer), it would be good if there was a sort function so you can display A-Z, Z-A for example. this would save a lot of time and make selection for the consumer much easier


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Hi Riz,

Thank you for adding your idea!

I do see your reasons, and I agree that this feature would be a great addition to our widget. We’ll try to consider it in one of our future updates.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Agreed! It would be much easier to find content if the lists were sorted alphabetically!

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Many thanks for your comment, @user2776! We’ll try to give this request a thought in our future updates :slight_smile:

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