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My idea is that there is the possibility of language switcher on the calendar, so if you add it to a website with different languages, it will be translated too.

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Hello Andrea and thanks for your suggestion!

We’ll try to think in that direction and include several languages support in one of the future updates.

Thank you very much for your help!

We have a language translator on our site currently. However, it doesn’t translate the widget content. Our community is largely multi-cultural, and we are looking for Spanish and Portuguese translations for the calendar content.

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I am so sorry for the delayed reply!

Glad to tell you that we already have such a request in our Wishlist and I’ve moved your comment there. All the news will be posted in this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

A huge thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and welcome to Community!

Our website is fully bilingual. It would be beneficial to have an option to add a drop down at the top of the widget to switch between languages. Jotform does this well, if you would like to investigate how to do this.

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Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts!

Language switching option is really important and I agree that it would be beneficial to have it supported in the app. We already have such a request in the Wishlist and I’ve merged your comment with the dedicated topic.

All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face: