Keep getting recieving empty Forms via Email

I Build a Form wich ist prettty good here on elfsight i build it on the free Package. Everything is good and working i recieve the form with all textes i included in the builder. Then i purchased the basic Package for 180$/year and now the form i recieve via email is always empty. the only thing i can see is the email wich is tipped in. But the email itself is empty no forum text i have written is included, I deleated my old form now i rely on elfsight and this is what i get.
I tryed to recieve it over 3 Email Adresses - always empty form email.
I tryed it with copy cc and blind copy yet again with multiple emails - always empty form email.
I tryed to deleate the entire html form on the website and reinstall it again - always empty form email.
I removed the duplicate Form on my website and reinstall it- always empty form email.
i dont know what else to do all i want is to recieve a a email with alle the form text i tipped in.

Meanwhile i try to figure it out my Counter of how much i can use the form is keep getting up

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Hi @Manfred_Greisiger,

I can see that after your first edited your widget, the default values for Sender Name, Subject and Message were deleted and are now empty. These settings determine the content of the email you receive, so that’s why you receive empty emails now. I am attaching a screenshot of the configurator page where you can change these settings. Let me know if this helps!

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I did filled out the
Sender Name

the only differnce now is that instead recieving an empty Email

now i recieve a email with the Text i wrote in the message section wich is nonsense cause there isnt anything i submitted into my form in the email.

The picture above shoes what a form Email looks like

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In order to receive the content of the submission in your email you will need to add some of the following tags to the body of your email (the Message field).

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 15-35-09 Widget Kostenrechner

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The Problem is as i have set up the form. I could see everything i sended through the Form with every of my email. One day later for whatever reason i couldnt see the form in any of the emails i saw the day befor the email wich was once with the filled form now appears empty. Only Possibility to see the request is via downloading the csv wich kind of sucks to read, specially for Large requeest wich i have. Pictures i also cant see submited via the form. I looked it up but i dont have any possibility to change the body in any of my Emails. I really cant think im the only one with this problem. The form looks really good but it sucks that i dont recieve any of the form submit. I think the change appears after i bought the elfsight premium. I mean you guys should have the same Problem with not recieving any of the form submit. I cant think of anything else than the form is somehow faulty. I tried everything now

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Hi @Manfred_Greisiger, my apologies for the delay!

I’m really sorry about this inconvenience, but I guess I know how to help you :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your widget and I see that the Message section is lacking the [form-data] ID, which is required if you want to receive content from submitted forms. You’re welcome to add your own content in this section but make sure to include [form-data] ID as well:


I’ve made this change in your widget, could you please check it now?


Thanks a lot it worked!!!
But now i have the problem that pictures send in the form now dont show up. Whats the Solution for it?
A Picture in the Mail look like this:
So only text no visual Picture

Hi @Manfred_Greisiger

I have to tell you that we’ve changed the way the attachments work. This makes our app more user-friendly.

If you use more than one file field, links with files appear directly under the field they are connected to. This makes it easier to navigate the received files.

If the new attachments flow doesn’t fully meet your needs, or you have any insights, you are very welcome to vote for this feature on our Wishlist - Ability to receive files as attachments rather than links

Oh ok i would prefer attachment but its doing its job. Can you explain me wich app you mean? Couldnt find anything from elfsight at the playstore

The files are sent as links in all Elfsight Forms (Contact Form, Form Builder, Subscription Form), but I’ve meant Form Builder.

As for the Elfsight apps at Play Store, I am afraid there is some kind of miscommunication because there aren’t any Elfsight apps there.