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Hi! Thanks for your work!!! But can you add export forms to pdf with option to send copies to user and to admin email?
Also will be good option to group question, it will much faster to build big forms with a lot of conditions. Thanks!

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Hi there @admin_ktk :wave:

Thank you for adding your suggestions to the Wishlist!

We already have a request for the PDF export option. You can keep an eye on it here - Ability to export form data to pdf document.

As for the option to group questions, could you please elaborate on your idea and describe your use case in more detail?

This info would help us better understand what you are trying to achieve :slightly_smiling_face:

When creating large forms, there are often groups of questions such as user 1 contacts, user 2 contacts, product options descriptions, etc. If, for example, the user 2 contacts form should only appear after indicating the presence of such a user, it becomes necessary to set a condition for each field of user 2 contacts and each product field for user 2. This can amount to 20 or more fields. It would be much more convenient and faster if these fields could be grouped, so that user 1 contacts form constitutes one group, user 2 contacts another, product 1 and product 2 - the third and fourth, respectively.

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Got it!

I see that it would be a huge time-saver. We’ll try to think this functionality over in the future.

All the updates will be posted in this topic :slightly_smiling_face: