Event Calendar Questions (Multiple)

I have had a ticket into ES for 3 days with no response. I understand the team is experiencing some backups, but when you pay for a product, support really needs to be following up within 24 hours (I have 3 tickets in with them and haven’t heard anything).

With that said, maybe the community can help me with some of this:

  1. CSS - Line spacing is weird when the pop-up goes to two lines. I tried this CSS and it is not working

.eapp-events-calendar-popup-item-name {
line-height: 110%;

(Works in inspector view, but not in custom CSS)

  1. I think I know the answer to this based on other community posts, but repeating events past 30 days is not possible? I don’t know I would’ve bought this plugin if I had known this (but it took me 5 months to get approval to purchase this, so this is where I am at). I have had to add repeating dates individually, which is very annoying (and the thought of saving server load doesn’t apply here because I am just adding them as an individual event, which then makes my event panel crazy long!).

  2. Because of #2, I had a very LONG list of events – is there any way to sort these (by date would be ideal or alpha). I am still putting stuff in, but eventually I will have over 100 events (I’d only have about 40 if I could do reoccurring events and have them show up). Just looking for a way to filter / manage events. I am looking to sort these in the panel where you add your events / see the list to edit them.

  3. Assume this isn’t possible either, but is there a way to get to the edit panel on an event from the preview space? Again, my list is very long, so finding the event easily is kind of a pain.

  4. In month view - is there a way to expand the title view rather than have the ellipses? I’d rather have 2 lines worth of text than 1 that trails off and shows very little info.

  5. Is there a way to filter by tags?

Thanks - I am trying to launch this project quickly, and the lack of communication from Elfsight has been lacking.

Hello @Matthew7 :wave:

We deeply appreciate your patience and we’re sorry to have kept you waiting!

Sure thing, I’ll be happy to advise!

  1. As for the questions 1 and 5, I see that you have 4 Event Calendar widgets. Could you please specify widget id or widget name? We’ll be happy to check things for you!

  2. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available yet. I totally understand that this feature would be really useful, and our devs have plans to consider this very request for one of the future updates. Please vote for this feature to get a notification upon its release.

3-4. These functionalities aren’t available either. I agree that it could eliminate all the inconvenience. Your ideas sound really great! Would you mind sharing them in this category of our Wishlist? We’ll gladly consider your suggestions.

  1. Our app doesn’t have such an option at the moment, I am really sorry :pensive: We have such a request in our Wishlist. Please vote for this feature to get a notification once it’s released.

I hope this explains things.

If any other questions come up, please feel free to contact us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max,

Thank you for the follow-up

1 / 5 - f07912d7-2a9d-42df-ab91-5977ea58d973 - I have just been testing so it’s just the most recent with “event calendar” Honestly just knowing the code would be helpful - unsure of why what I put didn’t work. BUT - that line spacing is likely something that should be fixed across the entire app - so maybe add that line-height CSS to the global style. For the month-view, it’d be great to know how to do this just because I may want to play around with how much is shown depending on what it looks like on our final site (we have less left/right space than the preview so items are squished a bit more than desired).

  1. I will say that this is a dealbreaker. If there isn’t a timeline for this feature, it is likely that we will unsubscribe in the near future and look for a different solution. Adding events manually because you can’t set a date in the future (reoccurring) is a very basic feature of a calendar. I chose ES because it looked great, and I tested it with a few events, but had I known this limitation was here, I would’ve kept searching.

The other problems would be minimized (sorting the event panel, etc.) if there were LESS events because I could set more dynamic reoccurring features (biweekly, etc.), but going beyond 30 is a mandatory feature that, if not addressed in the near future, will force us to leave as a customer, which is unfortunate because ES has a suite of really great looking widgets. I would probably ask for a refund right now, but it took 6 months to get approval from my department to purchase this, and our current calendar is in very bad shape - unless this feature (I would argue it’s not even a feature, but rather a basic function) isn’t addressed, I can’t see this being our long-term solution to our current calendar issue.

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Hello @Matthew7!

Please accept my sincere apologies for such a long waiting!

I see that my colleague Irene has already contacted you regarding your questions. Irene adjusted the CSS code and everything is working fine now.

As for displaying the events for more than 30 days, we totally understand all the frustration. Please accept our sincerest apologies that this is option isn’t available yet. Our devs are already working on adding it in the nearest future. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific timeframe yet, but this is a priority task and we really hope to release it soon.

If any questions come up, please feel free to contact Irene. She’ll be happy to assist!

Have a great day!