Event Calendar: Display events beyond a month

You asked, and we delivered!

We are super thrilled to announce that now you can display repeated events beyond a month in our Event Calendar :tada:

In the Custom section, you can find 2 new options in the Repeat Ends setting:

  • On Date - set any date when your recurring event should finish
  • After Occurrences - choose a certain number of occurrences for your recurring event

Thus, the event will continue according to the chosen period or the number of repeats.

If the end date or the number of occurrences isn’t set (it can be done only in the Custom section), the recurrence will be infinite. However, only the 30 most upcoming occurrences will be displayed, regardless of the recurring frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

For instance, daily repeats are displayed in a range of 30 days from now, weekly in a range of 30 weeks, monthly in a range of 30 months, etc.

Feel free to share your feedback or ask any questions in the comments below :wink:

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Good! :slight_smile: